Developmental Services

We provide the following services :

Project Planning

Includes full assessment, as per the discussion with the Client and analysis of all aspects of the facility, including any considerations on the Environmental Impact. Writing a comprehensive brief for each specialist involved in the project, along with on going liaison with responsible Client personnel at each stage. A preliminary estimate is prepared to help Client's plan their budget.

Facility Design and Drafting

Based on the agreed project plan and brief, the design process covers preliminary and finalized layouts that are supported by graphic impressions of finished facility, drafting of plans/ drawings, supply of technical data, etc. Fully worked out budgets are also provided.

Equipment Selection

This service involves our making an assessment of the Equipment to meet the Client's needs. These considerations include efficient operation of facility, best available products, and recommendation of preferred items based on Quality Standards, Performance Specifications and the Lowest Possible Cost.

Tender Documentation and Evaluation

This includes the preparation of specifications and time charts for the project, Pre-Qualification of Contractors, Co-ordination of Legal/Commercial Aspects, Liaising with Client on Tenders, Evaluating Submissions and Interviewing & Recommendations

Implementation and Control

This includes briefing Contractors, Control of Shop Drawings, Site Management and Factory Inspection, Cost Variation Control, Troubleshooting, Testing, Commissioning, Handover and Follow-up Quality or Operational Checking.

Pre-Opening Technical Services

Here we will help in Setting-up of all back of the house departments, on the basis of systems and operational procedures formed by us along with the Client. List of operational supplies and material will be provided and will help in sourcing of the same. Before the opening of the Hotel, trial runs; dry and wet will be conducted on regular basis to ensure smooth functioning of material and Equipment, problem if any will be rectified, during the pre-opening stage itself. Manpower Planing & Staff Recruitment is an important part of this scope.

Ananda Hospitality provides Consultancy Services with a particular stress on assisting and guiding new entrants into the field of Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality related industries.Ananda Hospitality undertakes to provide Technical Services and Assistance normally required by Owners and Investors, wishing to develop their product in compliance with international standards, which in turn can compete with the best of its kind in the world. The range of services provided include, but are not exclusive too
  1. Conducting Market and Financial Feasibility Studies for proposed hotel or expansion, renovations and refurbishment of existing properties.
  2. Feasibility Studies include Projected Occupancies, Room Rates, other Revenues and making an assessment of the Operating Costs, in-order to project the profitability. Cash Flows are prepared for the first ten (10) years of operation.
  3. Conduct Pre-Feasibility Studies to ascertain the potential and viability of the project or its intended location.
  4. Prepare Project Reports to assess the Size, Capacity, Capital Cost, Operating Cost and the financial viability of the project to be undertaken.
  5. Prepare proposals on behalf of Investors wanting to undertake the Management or Leasing of existing properties.
  6. Assist the Owner in his negotiations for undertaking properties on Management or Lease, form joint ventures or enter into Franchise Agreements.
  7. Identify foreign collaborators and assist in the negotiations for Collaboration and Management Contracts with International and Indian Hotel chains.
  8. Assist Owners in their efforts to develop Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs and such Tourist Projects and to render necessary Technical Assistance that is required to be given to the Architects and other Consultants, relating to the planning of the space and services in order to make the plans efficient in space utilization, manpower, utilities and cost effective, thereby decreasing the Project and Operational Costs.
  9. Based on the Feasibility Study & Market Study make recommendations of the Category and Size of the Hotel most appropriate for a given location and also to recommend the nature and type of facilities to be provided in line with International Standards.
  10. Develop a Programme of Requirements with a brief outline of specifications and finishes to enable Architects and Consultants in developing preliminary proposals for further review and discussions.
  11. Regularly monitor the work of Architect, Interior Designer and other Consultants on behalf of the Owner during the Design Development to expedite the development of the Project within the targeted cost and time parameters.
  12. Furnish to the Architect and M&E Consultants, plans and layouts with equipment lists and services requirements for all operating areas i.e. Laundry, Front Office, House Keeping, Food Service Facilities, Staff Cafeteria, Locker Rooms, Telephone Systems, Computerised Billing Systems etc.
  13. Furnish Operating Equipment Budgets based on the drawings developed.
  14. Prepare Design Brief outlining the Food & Beverage Concept for Interior Designer to develop suitable interior schemes.
  15. To develop requirements and Specifications of all Operating Equipment and to assist the Owner in their procurement.
  16. Develop the requirements of staffing with job descriptions and assist in the recruitment and training.
  17. Finally, set-up the hotel and establish all Systems and Controls necessary for Efficient Management and Service to the guests with reporting system to Owner.